RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
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Our business is ensuring you get the right solution every time

RFI Shielding Ltd fully understands that the fast moving world of electronic design and manufacture stands still for no man | Thatís why we continue to work with our customers to develop progressive shielding solutions that are relevant for both current demands and future requirements RFI Shielding Limited With a history rooted in Aerospace and Defence electronics dating back to the 1970ís, RFI has a track record of producing materials to meet the most demanding applications. Armed with this experience, and a genuine appreciation of customerís needs, we have developed the range of products shown on the following pages. However RFI is much more than just a supplier of product, we are an organisation providing technical solutions, with the ability to customise and develop bespoke materials for specific purposes. RFI Shielding Limited Whether you are involved in designing mobile phone handsets or base stations, ruggedised military computers, industrial control devices, or sophisticated aircraft engine management systems, RFI has the knowledge and the experience to work with you. We also have the flexibility to supply your needs, whether you have a requirement for 25 or 25,000. Our quality system complies with ISO9000, and we have a conscience too... demonstrated by our ISO14001 accredited environmental system.

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