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XyShield® XY300
...the next generation of Form-in-Place Materials...

Extensive research and applications experience result in new material development

RFI's commitment to continually improve and enhance our XyShield® product portfolio, together with both an accumulation of application experience and a close working relationship with our customers, has resulted in 'the Next Generation of Form-in-Place Materials' - XY300.


RFI Shielding Limited

XY300 has several enhanced characteristics:

  • Improved Electrical Performance;
    XY300 has a much Lower Volume Resistivity compared with previous XyShield® versions. It maintains an electrical path between surfaces through a much wider deflection range - 10-60% compression.

  • Greater Working Deflection Range; XY300
    removes some of the constraints placed on designers, as a standard cross-section gasket will now accommodate greater tolerances on mating surfaces.

  • Very Low Resistance Contact,
    achieved with minimal deflection/pressure; the filler system in XY300 has been engineered to ensure electrical contact at the extremes of deflection, and with less than ideal substrates.

  • Improved Compatibility with a wider range of substrates;
    including materials subject to forming resistive oxide layers; XY300 is compatible with
    • Electroless & Electrolytic Nickel
    • Silver & Copper Loaded Paints
    • Sputtered & Evaporated Aluminium
    • Aluminium Alloys (Natural & Chromate Conversion)
    • Die Cast Alloys
    • Magnesium Alloys

  • XY300 is also compatible with most other metals and conductive substrates - please contact us for detailed information.

  • Excellent Long Term Ageing Characteristics;
    the electrical performance of XY300 does not degrade appreciably, even under long term exposure to extremes of temperature.
  • XY300 has a low compound density, a direct result of the highly efficient filler matrix. This gives more components per unit weight of material than could be achieved using alternative Form-in-Place materials.

    To discuss your application needs, or for more detailed information about XyShield® XY300 and the XyShield® Form-in-Place Process, please contact us directl

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