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XyShield® Shielding Keeps Out 15 GHz Harmonics

When Wavetek designed its world-beating Model 9500 Oscilloscope Calibrator, it required a high-performance RFI gasket material that would be effective against interference in the 10 to 15 GHz range. RFI Shielding Limited The active heads of this calibrator, which deliver precision calibration waveforms directly to the oscilloscope's input connectors, generate 70 picosecond edges with an amplitude of several volts that are subsequently filtered and attenuated to highly accurate millivolt levels. To maintain the required accuracy it is essential that harmonics radiated from the high level edges are prevented from reaching the output of the filter and attenuator networks. Most of the necessary shielding is provided by a hollowed out aluminium plate and a PC board ground-plane. The problem is maintaining an adequate seal between the plate and the ground plane.

"At 10 to 15 GHz even a few thousands of an inch gap will allow RFI into the shielded areas of the PC board," said Phil Harbord, Senior Analog Design Engineer at Wavetek's Norwich based R&D facility where the Model 9500 was designed.

Wavetek's chosen solution was to have the mating surface of the aluminium plate 'piped' with RFI Shielding's XyShield® gasket material. Being elastomeric, this shielding guarantees that no voids can be left in the mating surface.

"The measured RFI attenuation provided by XyShield® gaskets is better than 70 dB at 10 to 15 GHz," said Phil Harbord, "more than adequate to meet our design specifications".

An extruded XyShield® gasket is also used to seal the join between the two aluminium head shells that encapsulate the active head for Wavetek's Model 9500 Oscilloscope Calibrator. Both gaskets are applied by RFI Shielding Ltd.

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The Wavetek 9500 Oscilloscope Calibrator courtesy of Wavetek Limited©

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