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Supershield NG1000 the commercial alternative

Following an extensive programme of research, development and re-formulation by our technical staff, and by taking advantage of improvements made in the development of elastomer and filler technology, our range of Supershield materials now includes a low cost, high electrical performing Nickel / Graphite based conductive elastomer, NG1000.



RFI Shielding Limited Supershield is a family of silicone, or fuel resistant fluorosilicone elastomers, loaded with highly conductive metal or metal plated particles. The conductive fillers range from pure silver; which exhibits high electrical and thermal conductivity, and is suitable for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) applications, through to nickel; which has improved resistance to galvanic corrosion in hostile environment applications. These types of materials have been in wide use, particularly in military and avionics equipment for many years.

Derived from our existing range of high performance, premium quality Supershield materials, NG1000 offers very good electrical performance and excellent long-term thermal stability, at a much lower cost than previously available alternatives. Due to improved processability, it is a material ideally suited to large volume production of components such as `o-rings', `grommets', and `cable glands' by injection moulding. NG1000 can also be extruded in a wide range of cross-sectional profiles, compression moulded to exactly meet a customers specific design, die cut from sheet material, or indeed supplied in sheet form.

This is the first high performance commercially targeted material to be made available from an extensive range currently under evaluation - several other variants will be released as soon as the evaluation and testing are fully completed. For information regarding NG1000 or any of the other materials in the Supershield range, contact our sales team directly.

Material Characteristics for Supershield NG1000
Colour: Deep Purple
Elastomer: Silicone
Filler: Nickel/Graphite (Ni/C)
Density: 1.9 g/cm3
Volume Resistivity (Surface Probe): 0.1 ohm-cm maximum (BS 2044 modified)
Post Heat Age Volume Resistivity (Surface Probe): 0.1 ohm-cm maximum (BS 2044 modified)
Volume Resistivity (Pressure Probe): 0.1 ohm-cm maximum
Compression set: 25% maximum (25% compression for 72hrs @ 100oC)
Hardness: 65 ± 10 IRHD
Tensile Strength: 1.3MPa minimum (189 PSI)
Tear Strength: 6.0KN/m minimum (34 PI)
Elongation at Break: 100% minimum:
Temperature Range: +150/-55oC

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