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EMI protection for aircraft communications system

Aircraft of today and tomorrow require a communication system that will perform both reliably and intelligibly at all times, in benign through to harsh environments. The Intercom/Communication Control System (CCS) is the core of any good communication system. RFI Shielding Limited

To meet both present and future needs, the CCS equipment must be flexible in design. It must reduce crew workload, ensure flight safety and operational effectiveness, be reliable and be cost effective to install and maintain. The Racal Acoustics RA800 Digital CCS is designed to meet these aviation requirements, for all aircraft types.

The RA800 provides centralised audio control, interfacing to other aircraft systems, and sophisticated intercom networks for the flight crew. It is built on a foundation of intelligent modules, which enables systems to be configured for the particular requirements of the aircraft platform.

The core of the RA800 CCS is the Communication Audio Management Unit (CAMU). All audio routing is contained within the CAMU, increasing immunity to EMI by considerably reducing the complexity of aircraft cabling. Other advantages include ease of installation, weight saving and improved reliability gained through significant cable reduction. The crew interface to the system is via Audio Control Panels (ACP's) for the control functions, and in some variants, Headset Electronic Units (HEU's) for microphone and telephone audio. Connections from the ACP's and HEU's to the CAMU are via digital links.

RFI worked with the Design Engineers at Racal Acoustics to ensure the integrity of the systems EMI shielding. Moulded S200F Supershield gaskets have been incorporated into the CAMU and HEU design around the modules access panels, providing an effective EMI seal with fuel and oil resistant properties. The connections between discreet modules and the digital links are shielded using Weaveshield connector gaskets, ensuring the systems performance does not deteriorate at the interface point.

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Courtesy of Tony Wilson
Racal Acoustics Limited.

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