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Nippon RFI Shielding KK - serving our worldwide customer base

This year, continuing its evolution from European leader to world leader in 'form-in-place' gasket technology, RFI Shielding Ltd established Nippon RFI Shielding KK, in Yokohama, Japan - the first mass production capacity dispensing facility of its kind in Japan, and the finest in Asia. RFI Shielding Limited

The XyShield® 'form-in-place' technology involves the precision dispensing of conductive or non-conductive liquid silicone onto small electronic enclosures to form high performance EMI or environmental shielding gaskets. The introduction of this product into the European market in 1995 brought about a revolution in the mobile telecommunication market, and it has since been integrated into mobile phones and related electronic equipment by nearly every major manufacturer.

A Global Strategy:

Telecommunications remain a growth industry in almost every country. RFI recognised the importance of a global strategy to support both foreign domestic manufacturers, and world-class companies manufacturing or designing products outside Europe.

Japan, with approximately 60,000,000 mobile phones in circulation, represents the world's biggest current market for such technology, and is the seed-bed from which emanate many of the decisions and developments which will effect global telecommunications.

Japan presents formidable obstacles in the form of linguistic and cultural barriers - not to mention a lack of mandatory EMC legislation, the existence of which had facilitated the explosive growth of the European 'form-in-place' market. However, RFI Shielding Ltd's Philip Mizen remained undeterred in his aim to establish a gasket dispensing facility there as a step towards supporting design and manufacturing in this vital technological epicentre. He says "After over two years of market research conducted by Nippon Mik, our Japanese distribution agents, and a campaign of advertising through trade shows and magazines, it was clear that there was a demand for our services which could only be met by creating a full scale production facility."

A Culture - Specific Approach

He continues "Japan is a nation where technological excellence and competitive price must be backed by brand recognition and a culture specific marketing strategy." To this end, he employed Chris Alderson, who had headed RFI Shielding Ltd's market development team for their Japanese agent for three years, to establish and manage Nippon RFI Shielding KK.

Situated For Success, Uncompromising On Quality

Yokohama, once the trading port of Tokyo was selected for the 420 square metre facility, due to its position as a hub of communication routes, and locality to many design centres. Due to the lack of any legal requirement to use EMI solutions, the high performance product had to be backed by a low price, despite the labour costs being 160% that of Britain. At the same time no compromise on quality of product, equipment or human resources could be considered.

The reduction of overheads was enabled through years of local knowledge, whilst the facility was equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment available in the world, ranging from the eight head in-house developed dispensing machines, to the 'Smart Scope' QC measuring equipment, capable of defining gasket tolerances to micrometer precision.

Chris Alderson observes "The high profile XyShield® has achieved through three years of publicity; the fact that our engineers and staff, although trained in the UK, are all Japanese; together with all communication being carried out in the Japanese language; has enabled us to be quickly accepted in a way which is usually impossible for foreign companies setting up in Japan." He continues "I believe that we now possess a majority share of the Japanese market for this technology. Whilst the initial focus was on mobile phones, we are finding an ever broadening range of applications here, through the efforts of our sales engineers at Nippon Mik, and enquiries stemming from press and trade show publicity."

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