RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited Xyshield® 'form-in-place' Gaskets RFI Shielding Limited Xyshield® 'form-in-place' Gaskets RFI Shielding Limited Xyshield® 'form-in-place' Gaskets RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
XyShield® 'form-in-place' Gaskets

XyShield® 'form-in-place' technology allows intricate, small cross-section gaskets to be dispensed directly onto enclosures. Dispensing via a CNC process, eliminates the need for expensive, complex mould tools.

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RFI Shielding Limited

Typical applications include cellular phone handsets, 'shield cans', communication base stations, connector housings, and complex 3D enclosures

The gasket materials are silicone elastomers, loaded with electrically conductive particles for EMI shielding gaskets and non-conductive for purely environmental seals. The materials are formulated and compounded in a dedicated production facility ‘in-house’, giving us the capability to customise the materials characteristics to suit the specific requirements of every individual application.

Xyshield® cures and adheres 'in-situ' to form a resilient and reusable EMI/environmental seal. The gaskets cure at room temperature, making the process compatible with plastic housings or heat sensitive components.

RFI can gasket 'free issue' parts, supply material for customers to dispense, or offer the complete service of moulding, plating, and gasketing components & enclosures. A rapid sample service is available to ensure that critical deadlines are met during the development phase of new projects.

The versatility of this technical solution has led to many of the largest OEM's within the telecomms industry taking full advantage of RFI's unique understanding of these types of materials, together with its established processing capabilities.

RFI Shielding Limited

Datasheet Download

Xyshield® XY200 Datasheet
Specification sheet 32 / Issue No. 02


Xyshield® XY300 Datasheet
Silver + Silver Plated Glass
Specification sheet 11 / Issue No. 02

Xyshield® XY400 Datasheet
Silver Plated Aluminium
Specification sheet 14 / Issue No. 03

Xyshield® XY500 Datasheet
Silver Plated Aluminium
Specification sheet 17 / Issue No. 03

Xyshield® XY700 Datasheet
Silver Plated Copper
Specification sheet 27 / Issue No. 02

Xyshield® XY800 Datasheet
Nickel Plated Graphite
Specification sheet 46 / Issue No. 01

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