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RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
XyShield® 'form-in-place' Gaskets - Total Service Provider

Gasket Dispensing at RFI Shielding

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RFI Shielding Limited

RFI’s UK production facility houses a range of in-house designed and built dispensing machines to guarantee maximum flexibility. From one-off sample and prototype parts, through batch volumes, to mass production - all can be accommodated.


  • Advise on application designs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fast prototyping
  • Test/evaluation service
  • 24 hours/3 shift production facility
  • CNC controlled dispensing machines
  • Temperature and humidity controlled curing environment
  • Quality is assured using optical and digital techniques, together with statistical process control systems
  • Project logistics management

RFI’s wealth of experience, and ‘tried and tested’ abilities in project and logistics management, have been the deciding factors in customers increasingly using us to manage their overall supply chain. This simplifies end user scheduling and control, whilst deriving significant cost and quality benefits.

We can efficiently and effectively:

  • Procure mouldings and castings
  • Provide both painted and plated finishes
  • Gasket parts ‘in-house’, support a customers process, or use a strategic partner
  • Assemble components and provide finished sub-assemblies
  • Deliver direct into the customer’s assembly lines for JIT production.

RFI Shielding Limited

Datasheet Download

Xyshield® XY200 Datasheet
Specification sheet 32 / Issue No. 02


Xyshield® XY300 Datasheet
Silver + Silver Plated Glass
Specification sheet 11 / Issue No. 02

Xyshield® XY400 Datasheet
Silver Plated Aluminium
Specification sheet 14 / Issue No. 03

Xyshield® XY500 Datasheet
Silver Plated Aluminium
Specification sheet 17 / Issue No. 03

Xyshield® XY700 Datasheet
Silver Plated Copper
Specification sheet 27 / Issue No. 02

Xyshield® XY800 Datasheet
Nickel Plated Graphite
Specification sheet 46 / Issue No. 01

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