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RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
RFI Shielding Limited
Conductive Elastomers

RFI's 'Supershield' range of materials are silicone based elastomers loaded with a wide range of conductive particle types. When 'designed in' correctly, these materials can provide both environmental sealing up to IP68, and levels of shielding that comply with all relevant International and European standards. Fuel and oil-resistant variants are available.

Typical applications include communication & computing equipment, instrumentation & control devices, and avionics systems. RFI Shielding Limited

There are 2 categories of materials available:

  • High Performance/Aerospace Grade Materials - This group of materials consists of those normally designed into military/aerospace applications. In addition to these, RFI has developed variants that offer similar performance at reduced cost, making them more acceptable for commercial applications.
  • Industrial Grade Materials - These materials provide a similar level of environmental performance as the aerospace grade, with a slightly reduced EMI shielding capability.

RFI's range of conductive elastomers can be processed into bespoke gaskets using:

  • Injection moulding - enables high volume/batch requirements such as cable glands & 'O-rings' to be produced quickly & economically.
  • Compression & transfer moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Die-cutting from sheet
  • Bond or 'moulded-in-place'
RFI Shielding Limited

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