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Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil Tape


Copper Foil Tape is a conductive, thin, lightweight tape containing copper suitable for grounding and EMI shielding. It also has a variety of other applications.


Our Copper Foil Tape can be applied to irregular or contoured surfaces making it suitable for wide range of EMI shielding and ESD control applications including:
• Improving the EMI shielding of sheet metalwork seams/joints
• Grounding ITO coated films for ESD protection of displays
• Terminating shielded windows and display back shields
• Creating shielded enclosures by lining plastic covers and enclosures
• Shielding of static cable assemblies / conduit
• General test and development work
• Faraday cage and housing shielding
• Plastic enclosure parts EMI shielding
• Non-conductive material shielding
• Multi-surface electrical connection
• ESD / Anti-static floors
• Cable shielding

We can supply pre-cut / formed components from these tapes so that they are easily assembled into or fitted into their intended location.

For applications where soldering is required, Copper Foil Tape and Tin-Plated Copper Tape are ideal.

Please Note:

To achieve the best possible electrical performance, it is important that the surface Copper Foil Tape is to be applied to is clean and free of any oxidation or corrosion.


Copper Foil Tape can be supplied to you in either 20m or 33m long rolls up to a width of 1.2m. Off-the-shelf Copper Foil Tape is available in 10mm, 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 125mm widths.

OtherFoil Tape Products:

In addition to Copper Foil Tape, we can also supply you with Aluminium Foil Tape and Tin-Plated Copper Tape.

Copper Foil Tape Typical Properties (Approximate)

Thickness (Copper Foil only) 30 microns
Thickness (with release backing) 80 microns
Adhesion – peel strength >4N/cm
Elongation ≤5%
Tensile strength 40N/cm
Temperature range -20°C to +150°C
Shielding performance Up to 1Ghz>50dB

Copper Foil Tape Options

Our Copper Foil Tape is available either with non-conductive adhesive, conductive acrylic adhesive or as plain Copper Foil without adhesive. The adhesive-backed versions can either be wound on a release liner or self-wound. Copper Foil Tape is also available as individual die cut foils.

For more information about our Copper Foil Tape call us on: 01376 330 033 or email